ZTICoalesce.wsf and OSDDownloadDownloadPackages

I’ve been doing some more tests with my current task sequence and manually selected applications (using PACKAGES###) when I noticed none of the applications would install. After checking ZTICoalesce.log I noticed two lines:

Added value from OSDDownloadDownloadPackages to the list
Added value PRI##### from OSDDownloadDownloadPackagesDriverID to the list

I didn’t realize that ZTICoalesce.wsf would search for all variables that contain the word PACKAGES. Instead of changing the variable PACKAGES### to something else I decided to just add a couple of lines to ZTICoalesce.wsf to at least ignore these two specific cases.

ElseIf oBaseVar.Exists(sVar) then

	oLogging.CreateEntry "Ignoring variable " & sVar & " because it is already in the list", LogTypeVerbose

' Added: Ignore OSDDownloadDownloadPackages and OSDDownloadDownloadPackagesDriverID
ElseIf InStr(1,UCase(sVar),"DOWNLOADPACKAGES", vbTextCompare) > 0 Then

	oLogging.CreateEntry "Ignoring package download variable " & sVar, LogTypeVerbose

	On Error Resume Next
	oBaseVar.Add oEnvironment.Item(sVar), ""
	On Error Goto 0
	oLogging.CreateEntry "Added value " & oEnvironment.Item(sVar) & " from " & sVar & " to the list", LogTypeInfo

End if


Note: OSDDownloadDownloadPackagesDriverID is a variable I use to keep the Model-based driver package without keeping it tied up to the original OSDDownloadDownloadPackages